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The VHF IC-M93D has a large 2.3 “LCD screen which ensures perfect readability. Even in direct sunlight, the high contrast of the LCD matrix and the size of the characters make it possible to read all the information displayed on the screen of the VHF IC -M93D.
Flat keyboard.

Compass and Navigation
The compass and waypoint functions now allow the user to have an efficient main or emergency navigation system (up to 50 memorizable waypoints).

DSC and Man Overboard (MOB) functions
This VHF integrates the Selective Digital Call (DSC) to launch individual distress calls (red button on the back of the VHF).
The GPS which indicates the geographical position of the VHF facilitates the intervention of the rescuers.
It is also possible to send a man over board (MOB) call.

Active noise reduction up to 90%!
A brand new digital processor reduces background noise in both directions of communication by up to 90% (20dB) to ensure an ideal connection in all circumstances (wind, engine noise, etc.)

900 mW audio
The IC-M93D incorporating the latest technologies offers higher audio power than other models on the market. In addition, its large speaker delivers 900 mW, allowing optimal communication reproduction.

New very intuitive user interface
Easy handling avoiding consulting the user manual.
Directional pad and context-sensitive function key for intuitive handling.

This VHF is floating with strobe lights which makes it easy to spot in the water day and night (the strobe light is active even if the VHF is off)

The characteristics of the ICOM IC-M93D portable VHF: Portable VHF Marine with GPS and DSC. Floating. “Man overboard” function. Waypoint / Compass function. 9 h of autonomy Cycle of 5% transmission, 5% reception, 90% standby. New “Active Noise Cancelling” technology to reduce background noise by up to 90%. Audio power of 900mW. Waterproof IP-x7. “Position request” and “position report” function. Battery level indication
The VHF is delivered with: 220V charger, Charging base, Battery (BP-285), Belt clip, Antenna and Wrist strap.


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